Continuous Color Containers

There’s never a dull day with Woodland Environment’s Continuous Color Containers! Discover how attractive your property can look with Woodland Environment’s Continuous Color Containers program. Thrill your visitors, tenants or residents with eye-catching displays that demonstrate how much you care.

365 Days of Visual Interest

Woodland Environments works within your grounds management budget to design a seasonal color program with:
  • 365 days of visual interest—guaranteed
  • Fresh rotations for each season
  • Phased and overlapping rotations so color is continually refreshed and visual interest is maximized within budget
  • Creative use of blooming plants, vines, tropicals, cut greens, stems, birch branches, and seasonal embellishments
  • Self-watering containers

Self-watering Containers Increase Performance, Provide Peace of Mind

Continuous Color Containers are easier to maintain and perform even better with a self-watering system. Self-watering containers deliver the consistent water supply that sensitive blooming plants require.

  • Wilt and plant stress from lack of moisture is minimized
  • Over-watering is reduced and water usage is cut as much as 50%
  • Early blossom loss is eliminated
  • No fertilizer run-off

The initial investment in self-watering containers is typically recouped through labor savings within a few years. Plus, plants that get the ideal amount of water every day perform better.

Our Guarantee

Regardless of the type of containers you choose, Woodland Environments guarantees 365 days of visual interest. There’s never a dull day with Continuous Color Containers!

Take your seasonal color program in a new direction! Call Woodland Environment today at 614.354.0768 to explore seasonal color and grounds management services for your property.